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Pure Digital Hearing Aids CIC


  • FDA Certified Product
  • Suitable for moderate hearing loss
  • Either for the left or right ear depends on the buyer choose

Key Features:Technical Specifications:                                 
Four fully digital computer programmable channelsFitting rang: <=100 dB
Fully automatic Wide Dynamic Range Compression MAX SSPL90: 114 dBSPL
Acoustic feedback suppressionHFA-SSPL90: 109 dBSPL
Two independent memoriesHF-FOG: 43 dBSPL
Open DSP platform and optimum target gain displayPeak gain: 47 dB
MPO controlFrequency range f1-f2: 200-7200HZ
Memory switch and low battery indicatorTDH
Low battery consumption        500Hz: 3.8%
Super power available for moderate hearing losses        800Hz: 1.5%
"Telecom-easy" technology for mobile phone compatibility        1600Hz: 0.6%
Automatic noise control function for various noisy environmentsEq. input noise level: 28 dB

Attack time: 56ms @2KHz

Release time: 431ms @2KHz

Battery current drain: 0.56 mA

Battery type: 10A

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  • Model: MAYA U+
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